Project. 7

7 Events.



7 of the toughest events on the planet, one goal – etch yourself in history. Project 7 is the most extreme Spartan challenge yet. Endurance athletes will battle the elements on our most treacherous courses; Mountains, Ocean, and Desert. The Seven events test every facet of human performance. Only the fittest will be able to conquer; some will try, and few will succeed.
7 Extreme Events
The Challenge

Complete just one of these events and your life will change forever. Complete all Project 7 challenges and achieve legendary status.

Athletes will have a lifetime to complete all events, however most will not. The applicant's will submit their event resume for review & approval. Once approved, participants will be featured & tracked on Project 7 publications across

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Who Qualifies

Only the toughest of the tough will qualify for this ultimate challenge. We are looking for the most mentally & physically fit athletes in the world. Applicants must submit an application detailing their most impressive endurance triumphs with a diverse resume of multiple athletic disciplines.

Once approved, athletes must submit results after each event.

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The Reward

The journey of a lifetime.

Committing to Project 7 means dedicating yourself to the toughest challenges in the world of endurance. Each Project 7 event will challenge you to become a stronger human. With each success comes personal growth and celebration of peak physical & mental achievement.

Also... athletes who complete all seven events will have their names permanently inscribed on the legendary Spartan Wall in ancient Sparta, Greece and featured in the Wall Of Honor on

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Peak Races
where it all started

Joe De Sena’s venture into the world of endurance sport all started with the Death Race in Pittsfield, Vermont. Raw, uncut, mental and physical trials by tribulation. No support. We don’t tell you when it starts. We don’t tell you when it ends. We don’t tell you what it will entail. We want you to fail and encourage you to quit at any time. Nothing else on earth will challenge you like The Death Race, both mentally and physically.